The Oppidum of Berniquaut is the original birthplace of Sorèze, and the 'Saint James' Chapel , one of the first roman churches on the 'plateau d'Arfons', at the Western end of the 'Montagne Noire'. These sites are crossed by several hike ways, and they are presented here because our ancestors knew them very well.

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View of the village of Sorèze, taken from the 'Roc Ponchut' (the sharp rock), above the Berniquaut farm, which belonged to the Blaquière since the XVII th century. Other ancestors were sharecroppers there; Marthe ARIBAUD (n°175, G8) died there the 12.21.1828 at the age of 43.


View of the crest and the steep way that leads to the Oppidum of Berniquaut. This picture was shot from the Roc Ponchut, which separated the Sorèze from the Durfort consulates (municipalities).


From the Oppidum, we can see on a lower level the 'Roc Ponchut' (darker), and in the background (left side of the picture) the Saint Ferréol lake. The Oppidum was easy to defend on the West side, due to the escarpment.


Remains of a Gallo-Roman house, on the Oppidum of Berniquaut. In the background, there is another Montagne Noire foothill, located in the Durfort municipality.


Wheel tracks let by Gallo-Roman chariots in the paving stones of the crest way, at the Eastern end of the Oppidum. From this point, there starts the higher but flat zone of the municipality of Sorèze. It is the way to the St Jammes Chapel.

Magnificent beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) aged of more than 400 yrs, planted at the head of St Jammes Chapel. It is a map landmark, it's nothing to say that it's big!


Remains of the roman Saint Jammes Chapel (Sant Jacmes, in occitan = St James). It is of relatively small dimensions but with a massive aspect. One can remark the butresses delimiting the choir. Several ancestors were burried in the chapel, and in the surrounding cemetery (Bourrel, Pujol families).

Back to Sorèze, East view, above the Limoges farm
meadows. Limoges was owned by our ancestors LAUGER since the XVIII th century. This family worked on these lands from the end of the XVI th century.

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