Genealogical links
Do not forget to visit my cousins and friends sites:

Jean-Pierre Alquier, Gilles Amiel, Philippe Arjo, Pierre Audié, Jacques Blaquière (available in English), Felip Corbièra, Robert Jaussely, Corinne Mammez,
Philippe Picard, Camille Sabatié, Marie Vignal

Geographical links
Abbaye-Ecole de Sorèze, ancient Ecole Royale Militaire
Revel, capital of the artistic furniture, where I was born, my roots country
Durfort, the village of copper
Le Lauragais
La Montagne Noire
Canal du Midi or Canal Royal des Deux Mers, classified by the UNESCO at the world patrimoine of humanity
Castelnaudary, capital of the cassoulet (famous traditional meal)
Le Sidobre, granitic region (lots of tourist sites and stone industry), where I grew up.

Occitan links
You will learn the bases of the Occitan language (and many more) on David's 'Babel site'.

The home page of Joan-Miquèu Espinassa and the other DJ'OC musicians.

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