My own genealocical research -started when I was 15- with additions from those of my cousins, are presented on next page.

My families are mainly originated from west-southern France, in the Lauragais and Montagne Noire ('Black Mountain') regions, at the crossing of theTarn, Haute Garonne and Aude departments.
I am a descendent of numerous families from Sorèze, Puylaurens, Revel, Caraman, La Bécède Lauragais... Some of these families were Huguenots (French Protestants), and had a wonderful history. My first research was thus concentrated on these families and their relatives, who are now located all around the world (Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, United States of America, Netherlands, Mauritius, New Zealand...).

Useful data (including pictures) can be seen on Blaquière De Blaquière.

More recently, I've made the same work on the Thuriès family. Family trees are growing day by day, and do not hesitate to contact me to share more informations.

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