Several good sites are dedicated to the village of Sorèze and its Abbey-School. Thus, we do not detail their numerous assets.

Some "genealogical-geographic" landmarks are given here. From the map, you will be given access to some pictures. They correspond to some places our ancestors have made or have known very well.

Grimailh (XVII th cent)
in B : house inhabited by the family since the 
 XVI th cent.
others: XVII-XVIII th cent.
Bochard (XVIII th cent)
Glayel (XVII th cent)
Faucher (XVII th cent)
Leignes (XVII th cent)
St Martin bell tower, 

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Grimailh (XVII th cent)

This imposing house belonged to the notaries family Grimailh, linked to the other notaries family, the Blaquière. It is located at the corner of the Street 'du Maquis', previously 'Carrièra de Castras' (Castres Street) and the Street Serres, previously 'Carrièra de la Muralha' (Remparts Street).

Blaquière (XVI th cent)

The main Blaquière house, still owned by Sicard Blaquière descendants. It is located downtown, on the central 'Place Dom Devic'. This name was given in memory of a famous Benedictine monk who studied in the Abbey, and who wrote with Dom Vaissette the monumental 'Histoire du Languedoc', still THE reference for studies on Languedoc history. This half-timbered house, one of the most admired in the village, is situated at the corner of the Street 'Ferlus', previously 'Carrièra d'en Galaubi', and the Street 'Balette', previously 'Carrièra del potz novel' (street of the new well).

Leignes  (XVII th cent)

House of a dyers and notaries family, including M° Raymond Leignes (Lenhas, Lenhes) who probably sold its notary office to M° Pierre Blaquière, in the early 1610ies. This beautiful front, situated nearby the Abbey-School, is admired by all. Friends of mine live in it...

St Martin bell tower, Abbey-School

View of the Saint-Martin bell tower, from the same-named street. In the background, one can see a half-timbered house, as many others in the village. The picture was shot just after the street have been paved, so we can give it a more typical name : 'la calada Sant-Martin'. A 'calada', in the occitan language, is a paved street.

The Saint-Martin bell tower are the only remains of the original Saint Martin church, near the Abbey Notre-Dame-de-la-Sagne (founded by the king Pépin le Bref 715-768), after the protestant wars in 1573. By turns, catholics and huguenots took care of the bell tower as it was a great guardroom and guard tower. It dominates all the plain of Revel, is nothing to say that it was a strategic point! The bell tower is about 10m from the Leignes house.

All pictures and map from Laurent JM Thuriès, copyright © 2000-2010 (unless Leignes house, author unknown, and the Sorèze town blazon).

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